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Ann Hui: Icon of Hong Kong’s ‘New Wave’ Cinema

Twelve years ago today, A Simple Life was released in theaters. This film went on to become one of the most critically successful films in Hong Kong’s history, and it’s no surprise that it was created by one of the most important members of Hong Kong’s New Wave of filmmakers, Ann Hui. 

Ann Hui is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor, who is known for social commentary about Hong Kong in her films, spanning a wide range of topics such as women’s issues and class struggles. read more.


Golden Apricot Film Festival and the Joy of the Movie Theater

During what might have just been the hottest week of the year in Yerevan, Armenia, I had the opportunity to attend the 19th annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival (GAIFF), the largest film festival in the Caucasus region. It’s been five months, and I’m still reflecting on my experience. 

AMPAS Adds Women Directors!

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, AMPAS (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) invited 683 new members into “The Academy,” 314 of whom are women. This action—adding 314 women including women from many different countries and a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds–is the result of the pledge made earlier in the year to make AMPAS a more diverse more.