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Happy Birthday to Nora Ephron, Architect of Her Own New York City

On this day in 1941, Nora Ephron was born in New York City. Though she was raised in Beverly Hills, over the course of her lifetime—right up until her death in 2012—Nora’s name would grow synonymous with that of the town in which she was born. As a filmmaker, writer, and journalist, Nora’s most lasting success was her ability to bring New York City to more.


Nora Ephron set the bar for the modern romantic comedy

As part of our Tribute Series, FF2 Media celebrates the work of female filmmakers. Be sure to click on the film titles for full reviews & see where you can stream on

It’s difficult to sum up just how much Nora Ephron contributed to the film industry, the genre of the romantic comedy, and culture in more.


Spanning Generations: 20 summer films by women

Ducking into an air-conditioned movie theater for a few hours is weaved into the fabric of summer, and many of our favorite summertime flicks were written and directed by women.

From stories of aliens to superheroes to small towns, from Oz in the 1930s to Themyscira of 2017, these 20 stories are perfect for summer-night more.


She’s Royalty to Me: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Her eclectic talents, humorous demeanor and candor  made losing her all the harder. Our “beloved princess” may be gone, but she shall remain a force to reckoned with forever.