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‘Troop Zero’ a joyful celebration of originality 

From directors Bert and Bertie and screenwriter Lucy Alibar comes the sweet and smart comedy Troop Zero, streaming on Amazon Prime Video January 17. This delightful feature not only celebrates originality as a theme for its memorable characters, but also sends a message to the audience about the value of completely original stories – especially for kids. read more.


‘To the Stars’ among best of the fest from female filmmakers

Now that the 2019 Sundance Film Festival has ended, I’ve had some time to sit down and reflect on the many films that this year’s festival had to offer.

In terms of women-directed or women-written films, the festival had so much to offer. Even taking the indie episodics into account, there are some very talented and funny women who created pilots.… read more.


Sundance shines on women

The Sundance Film Festival continues to be a frontrunner in paving a path for new voices and the 2019 festival is no exception to this observation. With nearly half of the director seats occupied by women (45 percent) and more than 70 percent of the awards presented to women, it’s obvious that women are finally breaking through the “celluloid ceiling.”read more.