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FYC ’17: Lisa Iannucci

FF2 Senior Contributor Lisa Iannucci asks you to consider these four films by women writers &/or directors (from the full list of films released in NYC theatres in 2016). Note that this list was created in November & will be updated after December 31, 2016.

My Favorite Feature Films of 2016 (2)

My Favorite Documentary Films of 2016 (2)

  • 13th (Writer/Director Ava DuVernay)
  • Women of Maidan (Writer/Director Olha Onyshko)

Photo: Sally Field in Hello, My Name is Doris

Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions… read more.


Woodstock Film Festival ’16: Preview Guide

By: Senior Contributor Lisa Iannucci

Last month, I spent time at the Woodstock Film Festival, watching films written and directed only by women (except for one, with good reason, but I’ll get to that). Forty full-length narratives, documentaries and short films were directed by women in this year’s festival, which made up one-third of this year’s more.


Woodstock Film Festival ’16: Melissa Finell

By: Senior Contributor Lisa Iannucci

Every time I go to a film festival, I try to find that one film that I absolutely love and would see again. I also hope to find a director that I feel is on the verge of making it “big.” Meet director Melissa Finell, who wrote and directed “Sensitivity Training,” a romantic comedy and coming-of-age film that stars Jill Alexander (“Silicon Valley,” “Mad Men”) and Anna Lise Phillips (“Revolution,” “Animal Kingdom”).read more.