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Lee Krasner: Kindness Thrives in the Art World

Happy Birthday to American abstract expressionist painter, Lee Krasner!

Revisiting ‘Pollock’ and ‘Big Eyes’ Reminds Us of Groundbreaking Artists

Lee Krasner’s 1961 painting “What Beast Must I Adore?” was part of her Umber Series, painted in brown and neutral tones and with aggressive strokes during a period of insomnia following the death of her mother. The title comes from an Arthur Rimbaud poem that she had quoted in crayon on the wall of her studio: “To whom shall I hire myself out?… read more.


‘What Beast Must Adore?’: The Paintings of Lee Krasner

Pollock, the 2001 biopic, is as much about Krasner as it is about its title character.