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Sophia’s Athena 2019 Experience

On February 28, 2019—a cold Thursday night—my sister and I waited amongst a crowd to enter Barnard College’s Miller Theatre to watch Fast Color. I was so excited to see the FF2 Media logo on the banner that was at the entrance! To open the Athena Film Festival, a quick introductory speech was given by the founders, Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa more.


Julia’s Athena 2019 Experience

I kicked off Athena with a ‘Panel on Filmmaking’ with Julia Hart, writer and director of Fast Color, which had aired at the festival the evening before. Not only was Hart effortlessly witty and intelligent, it felt like she spoke to my soul. She introduced the concept of “uncentering” yourself as the director—in other words, removing yourself from your role as the sole decision-maker and voice of authority on set and opening up the floor for collaboration from the cast and the creative more.