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Support Women Artists Now – Buy a 2022 Calendar from Pomegranate!

Alma Thomas Pomegranate
To celebrate Pomegranate’s “Art by Women” initiative, we are excited to launch a new series spotlighting brilliant female artists.

Greek God Dionysus Returns as ‘Hurricane Diane’ to Confront Climate Change

Rami Margron in Hurricane Diane
With Huntington Theatre Company's Hurricane Diane, director Jenny Koons and her cast pack a punch in 90 minutes.

Burlesque Performers Keep Strutting Through the Pandemic

HoneyTree Evil Eye burlesque
When the pandemic first hit, many artists and performers had to rethink how they connected with their audiences. Burlesque was no different.

Discover New-to-You Artists in Boston MFA’s Show ‘Women Take the Floor’

Guest Post by Megan Hennessey

A few weeks ago, when I stepped into the Women Take the Floor exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, I was met with a question: Can you name five women artists?

I scrolled through my memory of street artists I follow, of photographers whose work I enjoyed. I only got to more.


Meet the Queen of the Punk Underground in ‘Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over’

FF2 Guest post by Megan Hennessey 

*Content warning: Brief mention of child sexual abuse. 

Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over pulled me in with the promise of indulging in a feminist of punk music history. Directed by Beth B, the film captures the eloquent rage of Lydia Lunch — and the problems of patriarchy— and asks us: Why aren’t you mad tooread more.