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Who is Rebecca Blunt? Pseudonymous Mystery Solved!

It’s Rebecca Blunt’s birthday today… but who is Rebecca Blunt? 

Logan Lucky, directed by Steven Soderbergh, premiered in 2017. It follows Channing Tatum and Adam Driver as they play two brothers who attempt to rob a racetrack in North Carolina. The movie, which also stars Riley Keough and Daniel Craig, received critical acclaim for its screenplay, which was credited as written by “Rebecca Blunt.”read more.


FF2 Media Cleans Up At Illinois Women’s Press Association Contest

Our very own Nikoleta Morales, Georgi Presecky, and Brigid Presecky have all won big at the 2019 Illinois Women’s Press Association Contest! The awards presented yearly by the IWPA are a boost to any journalist’s career, so we’re glad these lovely ladies have been honored this year.… read more.