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Jennifer Lee is a breath of fresh air at Disney

On this day ten years ago, Wreck It Ralph was released in theaters. Wreck It Ralph marked the beginning of the incredible career of Jennifer Lee, the writer and director of some of Disney’s most beloved films. 

Jennifer Lee is best known for her work on animated Disney films. Her career began when a former classmate at the Columbia film school asked her to join the writing team for Wreck It Ralph for what was supposed to be eight weeks, though she ended up staying until Wreck It Ralph (2012) was more.


With ‘Frozen’ Franchise, Jennifer Lee Makes History at Disney

As part of our Tribute Series, FF2 Media celebrates the work of female filmmakers. Be sure to click on the film titles for full reviews & see where you can stream on

Jennifer Lee has broken ground as a writer and director at the Walt Disney Animation Studios, accomplishing much within the past more.


For Your Little Princesses: Films to Stream while in Lockdown

Thanks to the early release of Disney’s Frozen II (available to stream on Disney+), parents can help ease the minds of their little ones with these films. While the “princess” theme on the surface may appear to be frivolous, evoking images of pretty dresses and damsels in distress, these three films, Jennifer Lee’s Frozen II, Gina Wendkos’ The Princess Diaries and Elizabeth’s Chandler’s A Little Princess, are reminders of what that title really means. read more.