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The Humanity Present in the Films of Lone Scherfig

Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the release of Lone Scherfig’s popular film One Day.

Though perhaps most well-known for her British dramas, Lone Scherfig is Danish; she was born on May 2, 1959 in Copenhagen. Originally working in advertising, Lone actually won the Lion d’Argent prize at the Cannes International Advertising Film more.


HIFF ’16: Achievement Awards

Third in a series by Lisa Iannucci explaining film festivals from the insider’s POV. Part Three: Danny Aiello received annual Award for Excellence in Film & the Arts 

Special for FF2 Media by Lisa Iannucci


Legendary actor Danny Aiello stood in front of the audience at the Hoboken Film Festival on June 3rd to accept his Award for Excellence in Film & the Arts.… read more.


Audre Lorde: A Radical Voice in a Progressive Movement

lorde1Feature by Contributing Editor Alma Garcia

Audre Lorde always introduced herself as, “Audre Lorde, a Black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet.” No commas in between the words, and hardly a pause. Her confidence and courage shone through this self ­introduction, she never hesitated to let anyone, and everyone, know exactly who she was.… read more.