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Japanese American Filmmaker Discovers Her Mother’s Secrets

Rea Tajiri knew she would eventually lose her mother to dementia. What she didn’t know was how much of her mother she would find.

The unraveling of memories and intimate discoveries of her mother’s inner world that would otherwise be forgotten in a shroud of silence, come to life in Wisdom Gone Wild — an evocative, nostalgic documentary that follows Rea’s 16-year caregiving journey. read more.


Yoruba Richen’s Trailblazing Docs for Black & Queer Communities

During Pride Month, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate some of the many incredible queer artists that we know and love. Today, our SWAN of the Day is the filmmaker and civil rights activist Yoruba Richen!

Yoruba Richen is a director, screenwriter, and producer best known for her critically-acclaimed documentary The New Black (2013).read more.


Donna Deitch Captures Desert Hearts With Her Films

During Pride Month, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate some of the many incredible queer artists that we know and love. Our next artist is the iconic Donna Deitch!

Donna Deitch is an American director, best known for her 1985 film Desert Hearts. This critically acclaimed film, set in 1950s Nevada, tells the story of Vivian Bell, a literature professor who arrives in Reno for a quick divorce but finds unexpected love and liberation instead, with a more.


Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu Tells Stories Close to Home

Happy birthday, Wanuri Kahiu! Today we’re celebrating the incredible filmmaker behind Rafiki, From A Whisper, and Netflix’s Look Both Ways. 

Wanuri Kahiu is a filmmaker from Kenya, and known to be one of the most inspiring African filmmakers. Wanuri comes from a line of trailblazing women; her mother was one of the first female pediatricians in Nairobi, the area they lived in, and her aunt was a celebrated more.


‘Ask for Jane’ director Rachel Carey: A Socially-Conscious Storyteller

Ask for Jane was released five years ago today! It is a moving period film about Chicago’s Jane Collective. Telling the story of the group of women who set out to provide safe abortions in a pre-Roe v. Wade era in a way that is both emotionally resonant and informative was a big challenge. It was a challenge which filmmaker Rachel Carey accepted and knocked out of the park. read more.


Sofia Coppola is a Master of Both Aesthetic and Emotional Depth

Happy birthday to the one and only Sofia Coppola! Today we’re celebrating this legendary filmmaker. 

Sofia Coppola is an American screenwriter, director and actor who is known for her strong aesthetics as well as nuanced and empathetic portrayals of her characters. Though her films span a wide range of time periods, subject matters and color palettes, they always feel distinctly Sofia, making her one of the true auteurs of our time. read more.