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Camille Dungy’s Poetry Celebrates All Kinds of Diversity

Today FF2 spotlights the work of Guggenheim-winning poet Camille Dungy! We celebrate Camille today in honor of the thirteenth anniversary of her remarkable poetry collection, Smith Blue. Throughout its twenty-six poems, Camille focuses on ideas of life, death, and the power of the natural world—all themes which recur in the entirety of her more.


Camille Dungy’s Urgent Ecopoetry from the Sixth Extinction

Camille T. Dungy was born in Denver but moved often. It is no surprise, then, that the poetry in her collection Trophic Cascade is filled with motion and displacement. Sometimes the displacement is due to travel and adventure, sometimes flight. Even what might seem stable or rooted, like an overflowing collection of Sports Illustrated magazines in the poem ‘Still life,’ is painted as precarious or fleeting.… read more.