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Agnieszka Holland’s Controversial No-Man’s-Land: Green Border

A young girl stands behind a barbed wire fence in Green Border.

You needn’t have a sophisticated grasp of the complex geopolitics of Eastern Europe, the EU, or NATO to experience the powerful impact of Polish director Agnieszka Holland’s controversial 2023 film, Green Border. The fundamentally, starkly human tenor of Green Border’s narrative transcends particularities; that is, this tragedy could be unfolding almost anywhere, at any given moment, anywhere in the world, on any given more.


Petra Volpe on Swiss Myths of Neutrality in WW2 & After

Filmmaker Petra Volpe grew up “half-Italian” in Switzerland and looks askance at the myths of Swiss history: “We are connected to the past because it also determines our present.” Her directing debut film The Divine Order – winner of the Nora Ephron Prize at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival – entertainingly showed international audiences how Swiss women organized to finally get the right to vote at the late date of 1971.… read more.