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Showing our love for “Beauty and the Beast”

Women’s History Month is packed with activities for members of the FF2 Media Team. But as we all ran from film to film at various festivals and special screenings (not to mention celebrating the 10th International SWAN Day on Saturday March 25th), most of us found time to sneak into a local multiplex for a screening of Disney’s newest version of Beauty and the more.


THE SALESMAN (2016): A Huttner/Miller Snippet

For the second time in just under a month, I have had the great — and rare — pleasure of being totally surprised in Act Three. Believe me, it doesn’t happen often. Usually if I am not spellbound by the end of Act Two, my expectations take a dive, the film goes downhill, and I leave the theatre feeling cheated.… read more.


Oscar ’17: The Viola Davis Brouhaha

Jan Lisa Huttner weighs in on the 2017 Oscars’ biggest brouhaha: Why was Viola Davis nominated for Best Supporting Actress rather than Best Actress?

A few years back, Viola Davis was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as “Abileen” in The Help, but the Oscar that year went to Meryl Streep for her performance in The Iron more.


PATERSON (2016): A Huttner/Miller Snippet

Wonderful new film by Jim Jarmusch finds great interior drama in the quiet story of one week in the life of a Peterson, New Jersey bus driver named Paterson who is played by an actor named Driver!

“Paterson” (Adam Driver) is a man of fixed routines. Without ever setting an alarm clock, he gets up at the same time every morning, eases himself from the arms of his wife “Laura” (Goldhifteh Farahani), eats a bowl of cereal, and heads off to work as a municipal bus driver.… read more.


Everyone Else (2009)

Maren Ade’s romantic drama (aka Alle Anderen) stars Lars Eidinger and Birgit Minichmayr as a married couple in a subtly heartbreaking spiral downward. This 2009 German film was re-released at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center in anticipation of Ade’s new film Toni Erdmann, a 2017 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language more.


The Forest for the Trees (2005)

Director/writer Maren Ade makes viewers forget they are watching a movie with this wonderfully written film. Melanie Pröschle, a 27-year-old teacher who is insecure and desperate for friends, has a constant need for attention from her neighbor TinaThe Forest for the Trees is in German with English subtitles. read more.