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10 New Must-See Films Directed by Women

Only three of the top 10 certified-fresh films of 2019 on Rotten Tomatoes are directed by women. Documentaries Hail Satan? and Knock Down the House are both 100 percent fresh, while Olivia Wilde’s buzzy comedy Booksmart sits at 97 percent.

Members of FF2 Media’s all-female staff watch and review every film released theatrically in New York City with a female director and/or screenwriter attached.read more.


Silenced in reality, sexual assault survivors tell their stories on screen

How our culture accepts these stories matters. The people making these stories matter. The more women that push through the door to tell their stories by writing, directing and producing films, the more their messages will be spread throughout the country and into the minds of people who live, grow and vote in America. Read below as the FF2 Media team reflects on works of fiction (in both film and television) and nonfiction that have respectfully and dutifully depicted sexual assault survivors.

Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner

Jan Lisa Huttner was born and raised in New Jersey, where Million Dollar Movie and The Late Late Show were daily television staples & she and her dad would snuggle up to historical epics and Roman spectaculars featured on Picture for a Sunday Afternoon. At an early age when most kids were sneaking into parties, Jan was sneaking into Manhattan movie theaters to see any film that would have her: documentaries, indies or foreign films.read more.


Contributing Editor Rachel Mosely

As Contributing Editor for FF2 Media, Rachel edits and writes reviews and features, and aims to contribute to the visibility of underseen filmmakers. She is inspired by the position FF2 Media occupies at the crossroads of entertainment and progress, and by its core mission: getting the work of female filmmakers in front of as many eyes as possible.

Senior Associate Nikoleta Morales

Nikoleta Morales is an award-winning writer, journalist, publicist and a photographer based in Chicago with passion for entertainment, hiking and travel.

Spring Fling Screening: Free tickets available for Kay Cannon’s ‘Blockers’

Cannon (known for writing the Pitch Perfect series) makes her directorial debut with 'Blockers.'