LB has worked in nonprofit administration, marketing, and development since 2015 and has been writing, performing, producing, and directing since 2010. She’s an experienced fundraising and strategic planning administrator interested in social justice and gender equity with a passion for bringing people together and making them laugh though shared experience and performance. She loves combining her passions in unique ways and collaborating with like-minded folks. Whether in administration or sketch, LB loves pushing the needle forward and fighting for equitable space for historically and systemically oppressed identities. As an FF2 Contributing Editor from 7/16 thru 3/18, Lindsy's responsibilities included: writing/editing 5-10 pieces weekly; monitoring, publishing, and formatting the FF2 website; managing 3-4 interns per semester and developing their artistic voice and critical thinking skills; attending and coordinating film panels and festivals; interviewing and composing articles about film writer/directors including Ava Duvernay, Angelina Jolie, Deborah Kampmeier, Kirsten Tan, and more; and supporting the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editors, and Business Manger in administrative tasks.

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Kate McIntyre Clere on the making of documentary ‘Kangaroo’

After the release of her new film Kangaroo: a love-hate story, Contributing Editor, Lindsy M. Bissonnette was able to ask her some questions about the making of the film and what it's like being a woman in the industry.

Wonder Woman, a costume change for the worse?

This year we all realized our need for a female-dominant super hero film… a need we didn’t even know we had until Wonder Woman’s release. With its star-studded cast and female-central story and female-powered production team, it’s no surprise that it was an overwhelming box office success. So it’s no surprise that the internet has been in a recent uproar over some new scantily-clad Amazons.… read more.


Haunted Hot Pink Pen Horror films for this Halloween

No matter what your terror-tolerance level, there is a film out there for you! Here’s a list of some of our favorite frightening films to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Editorial: After Weinstein, silent no more

Innocent until proving guilty is the way of American law, unless, it would seem, that the “innocent” is a white, privileged, powerful male, and the “guilty” is a young, green slutty female actress who has been taken advantage of.

Tan Takes the Lead: Pop Aye wins at Zurich

Incredibly eloquent, funny, and honest, Kirsten Tan is a fantastic artist. Not only is she making poignant and artistically interesting films, she’s making huge strides in the industry for women, and minority women. Tan’s work swept through New York this summer with the release of Pop Aye, and now is sweeping through Europe, and we are happy to say that she’s sweeping the awards.… read more.


Q&A with Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung

On Wednesday, September 13th, First They Killed My Father screened at Lincoln Center. Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner and I were able to attend, and it was quite an experience. In this completely packed theatre, full of excited film aficionados, we made our way to the balcony and waited anxiously for Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung’s film.… read more.