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Miranda Bailey Explores Fractured Father-Son Relationship with 'Being Frank'

Miranda Bailey is all about looking at the inner lives of liars. Her first film as director, the documentary The Pathological Optimist, focused on the discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield (who authored the infamous study linking vaccines to autism). Bailey followed that up with the award-winning short Another Happy Anniversary, and now her feature debut, Being Frank, starring stand-up Jim Gaffigan as Frank, the father of soon-to-be college-bound Phillip (Logan Miller).… read more.


Jenny Gage looks at female sexuality in the time of social media

Photographer turned director Jenny Gage clearly has an interest in the inner-lives of teenage girls. Her first feature length documentary, All This Panic, documented the lives of Brooklyn girls from high school to college, dealing with the multitude of issues teenagers face head on. For her new film After, she dives into the narrative world, adapting the bestselling “new adult fiction” After for the screen.… read more.


Examining Existence in the Emptiness of Space with Philosophical Sci-Fi ‘Aniara’

As we enter the summer months, it’s not unusual to find science-fiction films hitting theaters. From the light and fun to the more serious, they can often have the epic scope you expect to find in blockbusters. But it’s rare to find a science fiction film hit theaters as bleak and philosophically expansive as the new film Aniara.… read more.


Ash Mayfair’s ‘The Third Wife’ a Beautiful Look at Vietnam’s Dark Past

Ash Mayfair understands the world of her new film The Third Wife well. It isn’t simply a documentary of one of the darker parts of Vietnam’s past with underage marriage and patriarchy, but the story of her own family. Despite controversy for casting 13-year-old actress Nguyen Phuong Tra My in the role of May (the third wife of a much older man) which caused the film to be withdrawn from theaters in Vietnam, she defends the film as a work of art by speaking out against the historic abuses of women who have been systematically marginalized.… read more.


‘Charlie Says’ Offers Feminist Light on Notorious Manson Murders

For more than 20 years, the team of Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner have been collaborating on some of the daring and original independent films of the past two decades; I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho, and The Notorious Bettie Page. Their feminist and explicate approach to material makes them a fearless team and part of the reason their most recent collaboration is so exciting; a feminist look at the women guilty of the notorious Manson Murders.… read more.


Eva Husson Rewrites History of War Women in ‘Girls of the Sun’

Eva Husson has been a major talent to watch for since beginning her directorial career 15 years ago. After producing two short films her debut narrative, Bang Gang (a modern love story) guaranteed high praise when it premiered at the Toronto International film Festival. Three years later, she returned to the festival with her film Girls of the Sun, the story of Kurdish female fighters (and horrors they endured under oppression).… read more.