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Jan Lisa Huttner is a Brooklyn-based arts critic & feminist activist. She is the creative force behind the SWAN Movement—Support Women Artists Now—which has just begun its third phase as International SWANs® (aka iSWANs). In the Jewish world, Jan is best known as the author of two books on Fiddler on the Roof—Tevye’s Daughters and Diamond Fiddler—both of which flow from a strongly feminist POV. She also served as both story consultant and “talking head” on the award-winning documentary Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles.

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Spend 2022 Celebrating Jewish Holidays with Malcah Zeldis

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce Pomegranate, a publishing and printing company that offers its customers “art you can bring home.” In celebration of Pomegranate’s commitment to inclusivity, we’re proud to spotlight some of the brilliant women artists in their catalogue! Read more about Pomegranate belowread more.


iSWANs Press Release

FF2 Media® is proud to announce the birth of International SWANs (aka iSWANs), the third phase of the “Support Women Artists Now” movement.

The acronym SWAN stands for “Support Women Artists Now,” a movement created in 2004 to celebrate and promote the creative work of women artists.

Our mission is to empower women to ally themselves with women artists.… read more.


FF2 Adds a New Section for Opinion Pieces!

Today we’re adding a new “opinions” section.

If you’ve got a POV to share, do let us know!

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‘Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog’ is a Poignant Tale of Displacement and Loss

FF2 editor-in-chief Jan Lisa Huttner called filmmaker Lynn Roth in Los Angeles to discuss her new film Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog. Although Shepherd begins right before the Holocaust and contains scenes set in a Nazi labor camp, it is a family-oriented film meant to facilitate discussions across multiple generations.

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FF2 Media Co-Sponsors Nadine Labaki Film in NYC on 6/7/19

NYC Shout-Out: In 2019, Nadine Labaki’s film “Capernaum” was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, thrilling those of us have cherished her work for years now.

Labaki’s breakout film “Caramel” was firmly set in contemporary Beirut. Her second film “Where Do We Go Now?” is Magical Realism.… read more.


NYWIFT Sponsors Celebrate 11th Annual SWAN Day

New York Woman in Film & Television (NYWIFT) hosted its 11th annual International SWAN Day program at SVA Theatre in collaboration with traditional co-sponsors HerFlix, ImageNation, SAG-AFTRA, WAM and WMM. This year, for the second year in a row, AAWIC also folded this event into their annual African American Women in Cinema Film Festival.… read more.