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New Toni Morrison Doc brings Huttner back to ‘Beloved’

I saw the film adaptation of Toni Morrison’s magnificent novel Beloved way back when it first opened in 1998–before there was a let alone an FF2 Media–and I was thunderstruck.
I am ashamed to admit now that I didn’t know much about Toni Morrison back then. I went to college before there were any majors like African American Studies, Jewish Studies, or Women’s Studies that one could immerse oneself in.… read more.


Jan’s Athena 2018: Bigger & Better Every Year at Barnard’s AFF

What did Swiss filmmaker Petra Volpe say that made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants in front of a full auditorium? I can’t remember.

I just know that in a weekend full of superlative moments, my Q&A with Petra after our FF2 Media-sponsored screening of The Divine Order (see featured photo above) was a peek experience!… read more.


Tony Scott has “Second Thoughts” about Woody Allen

Hallelujah! After a little over a year of life in Trumpsylvania, some big dudes in the mainstream media (aka MSM) are finally beginning to recognize their own complicity in this national disaster.

First came news of Jeffrey Toobin’s mea culpa on Larry Wilmore’s podcast last Monday. “I think there was a lot of false equivalence in the 2016 campaign,” said more.


From the archives: Lauzen says ‘virtually no movement’ for women filmmakers (2003)

"if you can change women’s representation in the media, you will change women’s place in the world. I think it’s that simple. But if change comes, it will come slowly."

Announcing FF2 Media’s new Coach Corner!

As the editor-in-chief of a growing site, one of my priorities is to balance quantity with quality. But as the flood of women filmmakers grows ever greater (hooray!), it’s frankly hard to keep up. So I am proud to announce the creation of our new initiative Coach Corner.

Wonderful women will be joining me as coaches to help mentor the terrific interns and new college graduates who have joined the FF2 Media team in the past few years.… read more.


Hillary Clinton is ‘The Woman in the Moon’

"The Woman in the Moon" is a Barbra Streisand song from the album and film A Star is Born (1976 film). Songwriters: Paul H. Williams and Kenny Ascher © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group. Disclaimer: FF2 Media does not own these photos.