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Farah joined the FF2 Media team in January of 2018. She is a Philosophy major at Rutgers University with a minor in Women & Gender Studies, and a concentration on social justice, made possible through the Leadership Scholars Program at the Institute for Women’s Leadership. As an Egyptian woman, she sees film as a very important medium, through which the voices of the silent can be expressed. She believes that film can, and will, play an important role in changing global perspectives on problematic areas such as the Middle East which is often viewed as nothing but a conflict zone.

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Intern Farah Elattar – FF2 Media

As an intern at FF2 Media, since January of 2018, I watch films written and/or directed by women every week and write reviews about them.

Farah’s Athena ’18: “A life-altering experience..!”

Born and raised in Egypt, a country that only recently started valuing its independent art, I had never been to a film festival before attending Athena in 2018. After taking the time to reflect on my three-day experience at Athena, I can confidently say that I was far from disappointed.

Joelle Touma: Spotlight on Oscar-Nominated Lebanese Screenwriter

Though The Insult is now an Oscar-nominated film – a first for Lebanon – it seems that the mainstream media is focusing primarily on Ziad Doueiri (the director) and his contributions to the film, making for another case where the female filmmaker is left in shadows and receives no recognition for the work she put in.