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Dayna holds a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University in English and Cinema Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing. She recently graduated with her Master of Arts in Teaching English from Montclair State University. Dayna currently teaches middle-school English in New Jersey. She has taught students spanning grades K-12 and loves encouraging young people to pursue the arts. Dayna enjoys working with FF2 Media because writing about women artists harmonizes some of her greatest interests. She is passionate about film, literature, and antiquing.

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Dayna’s Athena ‘19

As a disclaimer, this was my first Athena Film Festival. I have worked at a local film festival in New Jersey for the past three years, so I thought I knew what I was signed up for. I had no idea that there would be such a powerful sense of community surrounding the wonderful program of films on display for the weekend.… read more.


Roberta Grossman debuts ‘Who Will Write Our History’ at Lincoln Center

When director and filmmaker Roberta Grossman read Professor Samuel Kassow’s book Who Will Write Our History, she was fascinated, horrified, and outraged that such a powerful and poignant story had received less media attention than other prominent histories of the Holocaust. She was inspired to turn Kassow’s book into a blended documentary that captures the spirit of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto through a buried archive of personal letters, diaries, photos, and art from the oppressed Jews struggling to survive behind its walls.… read more.


Intern Dayna Hagewood

Dayna is currently a student at Rutgers University studying English and Cinema Studies, with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is particularly interested in the methods by which artists of all calibers articulate their thoughts through their mediums.

Though Dayna was originally planning on becoming a novelist, her introduction to film has changed her plans and goals quite significantly.… read more.


Associate / Special Projects Coordinator Dayna Hagewood

Dayna graduated from Rutgers University in May of 2019 with a degree in English and Cinema Studies and a concentration in Creative Writing.

Though she previously wanted to be a novelist, her discovery of film as an academic discipline has changed her goals and intentions. She believes that writing and filmmaking are incredibly closely related, and she is interested in the intersection between the two mediums.… read more.