Oscars 2024: Women Shine Despite Lack of Recognition

The 2024 Oscar Awards were broadcast on Sunday, March 10, and from the jump, the night was not set up to reflect the incredible year that women had had in film. Overall, the wins this year were male-heavy: Notably Oppenheimer took both Best Director and Best Picture (as well as several other Oscars). However, there were some nice moments for women, and we’re here to take you through them. 

One of the most exciting moments of the night was Justine Triet’s much-deserved win as co-screenwriter of Best Original Screenplay winner Anatomy of a Fall. In her review of the film, FF2 contributor Katusha Jin said: “Justine Triet’s Anatomy of a Fall is a masterpiece. It is one of the best movies I have seen this year, both visually and in its writing. It’s layered with judgments from different perspectives; it constantly challenges biases; and it opens up an investigation into the creative process. What is fact and what is fiction? What is inspiration and what is theft? What is ‘truth’ and who is to say?” Note that Anatomy of a Fall was also nominated in the Best Film and Best Director categories.

Holly Waddington won the award for Best Costume Design for her work on Poor Things. Just recently, she won a Costume Designers Guild Award for Excellence in Period Film. As I said in my roundup of CDG wins, “Tasked with designing costumes for a film that feels both futuristic and from the past, as well as costuming a central character who (without giving away too much of the plot) is at once youthful and playful, while also serious and academic. Holly took both of these challenges in stride, creating a series of looks for Emma Stone’s character, Bella Baxter, that are so iconic that the image of them stays in the mind’s eye of the viewer long after seeing the film. In particular, Holly’s use of sleeves is nothing short of inspired.”

Nominations did not honor the women behind Barbie, the most culturally significant film of the year — Greta Gerwig did not receive a nomination for Best Director, and Margot Robbie did not receive a nomination for Best Actress. And of the nominations Barbie did receive, it did not land many wins. Yet, the Barbie team found ways to celebrate each other all night; one of the most wonderful moments of the ceremony was during Ryan Gosling’s performance of I’m Just Ken, when he held the mic up to Greta to belt the words out. 

One part of Barbie that did receive recognition was Billie Eilish’s song What Was I Made For? which won Best Original Song. This was a historic moment for Billie, as it made her the youngest person ever to have received two Oscars, a record which has not been broken in 86 years. Billie also delivered a heart-wrenching performance of the song during the ceremony, one which resonated deeply with the Barbie team, and all the women viewers, who did not feel adequately represented at the Oscars. 

Best Supporting Actress went to Da’Vine Joy Randolph for her moving performance as Mary Lamb in The Holdovers. In an emotional acceptance speech, she said, “I am so grateful to all the women who have been by my side.” 

Emma Stone won Best Actress for her role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things. Though her embodiment of that role was exemplary, it has to be said that this would have been a historic and triumphant moment had the win gone to Lily Gladstone, who would have been the first Native American woman to win in this category. Still, in her acceptance speech, Emma humbly thanked her fellow nominees, and especially Lily, who she turned to when she said “I share this with you. I am in awe of you.”

Though the male-dominated Oppenheimer won Best Picture, the acceptance speeches perfectly exemplified the fact there are women at the core of every film. Christopher Nolan is the name and face associated with Oppenheimer. However, when Oppenheimer won, it was his wife, Emma Thomas, who first took the mic to accept the award. As it turns out, Emma has been a producer for all of Christopher’s films, no doubt playing an integral role in their creation. 

Although the Oscars didn’t go the way some of us would have hoped, there were many lovely moments. Congratulations to all the women nominees and winners!

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“MONDAY AM POV: I am so proud of this photo = that I was actually able to capture the moment Ryan Gosling thrust the mic in front of Greta Gerwig so she could sing THESE words with him ‘…And I’m enough & I’m great…’ Seems to me the whole night was an attempt to repudiate Greta’s enormous world-historical accomplishment, & yet, in this one moment, Team Barbie took it back. They know what she did & we know what she did & Ryan Gosling – as, among other things, the proud father of 2 daughters – is demanding that ‘attention must be paid!'” (Jan Lisa Huttner 3/11/24 Facebook Post)

Featured Photo/Middle Photo: FF2’s Editor-in-Chief captures the “magic moment” – on her iPhone – when Ryan Gosling drew Greta Gerwig into his big “I’m Kenough” production number during the 2024 Oscar broadcast!

Featured Photo Faces from Left: Oscar Nominee Ryan Gosling (Best Supporting Actor), Oscar Nominee America Ferrera (Best Supporting Actress), and Oscar Nominee Greta Gerwig (Producer of Best Picture nominee Barbie as well as Barbie’s director and co-screenwriter).

Middle Photo Faces from Left: Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Greta Gerwig and Oscar Nominee Margot Robie (Co-Producer of Best Picture nominee Barbie as well as Barbie’s inspiration and star).

Bottom Photo: Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas arrive on the red carpet!  Photo Credit: John Angelillo (3/10/24) UPI / Alamy Live News. Image ID: 2WR3HYX

British film producer – and now Oscar winner – Emma Thomas frequently collaborates with husband Christopher Nolan (best known for Inception, Dunkirk & Oppenheimer). Married since 1997, Emma & Christopher run the production company Syncopy Inc, while simultaneously raising four children. Click HERE to see Emma take the podium for the win!

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