Women Sweep 2024 Costume Designers Guild Awards

The 26th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards were held last Wednesday (February 21st), and like many awards ceremonies for this year — coined as the “year of the girl” — it was another exciting day for women. 

The Costume Designers Guild Awards honor incredible costume design for a range of categories, from television, short form content, and even illustration. The CDG Awards include three for feature films: Excellence in Contemporary Film, Excellence in Period Film, and Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film. The winners in all three of these categories were women!

Excellence in Contemporary Film

Sophie Canale won in this category for Saltburn. Sophie’s expert design encapsulated the modest, academic aesthetic of Barry Keoghan’s character Oliver through somber sweaters, button-downs and ties. At the same time, she nailed the decorative, almost royal aesthetic of the extravagantly wealthy Catton family, with beautiful flowing dresses and intricate accessories. She made the already good-looking Rosamund Pike and Jacob Elordi look almost otherworldly. Sophie was not nominated for an Oscar award this season, so this win granted her much-deserved recognition. 

Excellence in Period Film 

Holly Waddington won in this category for Poor Things. Tasked with designing costumes for a film that feels both futuristic and from the past, as well as costuming a central character who (without giving away too much of the plot) is at once youthful and playful, while also serious and academic. Holly took both of these challenges in stride, creating a series of looks for Emma Stone’s character, Bella Baxter, that are so iconic that the image of them stays in the mind’s eye of the viewer long after seeing the film. In particular, Holly’s use of sleeves is nothing short of inspired. 

Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film

Last but certainly not least, Jacqueline Durran won in this category for Barbie. For this film, Jacqueline perfectly encapsulated one of the most iconically-dressed figures in history, recreating and updating Barbie looks from throughout history, like the 1994 Hot Skatin’ Barbie, and the first ever Barbie, who dons a strapless, striped bathing suit. Jacqueline also created new looks for Barbie in the film, like a pink cowgirl outfit and a gold sequined jumpsuit, that have now carved out their own spaces in the cultural zeitgeist. It was Jaqueline’s costume design that almost single-handedly inspired the world to wholeheartedly embrace pink in their aesthetic last year, and undoubtedly for many years to come. 

The Costume Designers Guild Awards are often said to be predictive of the Oscar winners for Costume Design, so with Holly Waddington and Jacqueline Durran both nominated for Oscars, there are exciting possibilities ahead. However, it’s also lucky that the awards forged their own path by honoring Sophie Canale as well. The contributions of women to Costume Design will always be invaluable — especially when the aesthetics of films can have such huge cultural importance, as seen with Barbie. It is deeply important that institutions like the CDG honor these contributions, and this year they have. Congratulations to all the women nominees and to Sophie Canale, Holly Waddington, and Jacqueline Durran! 

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Featured Photo: Kate McKinnon as “Weird Barbie” wearing costume designed by Jacqueline Durran in Warner Bros. Pictures’ BARBIE. Image provided in EPK courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. © 2023 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Middle Photo: Rosamund Pike in the film SALTBURN (2023) wearing costume designed by Sophie Canale. Photo Credit: LuckyChap Entertainment / Media Rights Capital (MRC) / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Album / Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: 2T7MWND

Bottom Photo: Emma Stone in the film POOR THINGS (2023) wearing costume designed by Holly Waddington. Photo Credit: Element Pictures / Album / Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: 2WEWE76

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