Act Now to Stream Award-Winning Short ‘Forgotten Voices Heard’

Congratulations to Kelly Hall-Tompkins from everyone on Team FF2!

Since March 31, 2021 — the night of the premiere at Carnegie Hall — Kelly’s short Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard has received 6 International Film Festival wins and 8 official selections. It will be available for streaming only through October 2nd, so be sure to watch it while you can!

Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard chronicles Kelly’s amazing organization, Music Kitchen, in which Kelly herself as well as other professional musicians travel around performing classical music — in shelters — for those experiencing homelessness. The film features interviews with four shelter clients after they attended a Music Kitchen performance. They talk about their unique life experiences and the incredible impact that hearing a Music Kitchen performance has had on them.

At the premiere on March 31, 2021, Kelly and a group of classical musicians and opera singers performed at Manhattan’s incomparable Carnegie Hall. The concert featured songs that prolific composers had derived from quotes that Kelly had received from people at the shelters. The short Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard played on the big Carnegie Hall screen after the live performance.

And I know because we were there! The whole evening was absolutely beautiful. While Kelly’s Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard played, there was not a dry eye in the concert hall. The film is both touching and perspective-shifting. Kelly is more than deserving of all of the acclaim now coming her way.

Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard has won Best Cause-Driven Film at Cannes World Film Festival, Best Human Rights Film at the Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, Best Black Lives Matter Film at the Stockholm Short Film Festival, and it has also been a semi-finalist at Stockholm Short Film Festival, as well as an honorable mention at Orlando International Film Festival. So far, it has been officially selected for 8 film festivals in total.

Brava, Kelly! We are so proud to know you!

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Watch Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard here!

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Featured Photo: Forgotten Voices concert at Carnegie Hall (Kelly is in the middle — in turquoise — with her violin). Taken from Kelly Hall-Tompkins’ Facebook page with her permission.

First Photo: Forgotten Voices poster outside Carnegie Hall. Taken from Kelly Hall-Tompkins’ Facebook Page with her permission.

Bottom photo (from left): Julia Lasker plus Jan Lisa Huttner and Amelie Lasker of FF2 Media at the Forgotten Voices concert at Carnegie Hall on March 31, 2021. Credit to our dear friend Rob Copeland of Rob Copeland Photography (who accompanied us). And thanks too to FF2 Treasurer Richard Bayard Miller (Jan’s husband) for the scrumptious pre-show dinner.

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