Spend 2022 in Renaissance Opulence with Olga Suvorova

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce Pomegranate, a publishing and printing company that offers its customers “art you can bring home.” In celebration of Pomegranate’s commitment to inclusivity, we’re proud to spotlight some of the brilliant women artists in their catalogue. Read more about Pomegranate below. 

Russian painter Olga Suvorova is internationally known for her brilliant reinterpretations of English Pre-Rafaelite art, described by critic Viktoriya Syslova as “amazingly modern in their exquisite theatricality.”

Olga speaks to us directly in the beautifully-illustrated coffee table book Renaissance Realm: The Art of Olga Suvorova edited by Michael Fischel (see Amazon link below).

She begins with a description of Leningrad, where she was born in 1966: “long winters and short summers… ever-rainy and frequently flooding… almost a swamp.” And yet this city, once found on 20th century maps of a bygone place called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (sometimes abbreviated as either the Soviet Union or the USSR) and now known — once again — as St Petersburg (Russia) still delights the eye of the artist who loves the canals and bridges of her birthplace. “The bridges, more than 800 of them, are individual and each is a masterpiece.”

Her parents — both prominent artists — managed to survive the devastating siege of Leningrad during World War II, and thrive — certainly creatively — during the Communist Era. Her father, Igor Suvorova, is best known for his cityscapes. Her mother, Natalia Suvorova, is best known for her still life paintings. “…people find in each other their strengths and weaknesses and together they form a whole…” True or not, this is the aesthetic ideal that Olga’s strives for in her own work.

Olga Suvorova’s 2022 Wall Calendar is available for purchase on Pomegranate.com. Check it out here!

Remember, the artist receives a greater portion of the proceeds if you buy directly from Pomegranate.

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The Pomegranate Story.

Click here for the puzzles and note cards in Pomegranate’s Olga Suvorova collection.

See more of Olga’s paintings displayed on the Art Kaleidoscope blog.

Order the gorgeous coffee table book Renaissance Realm: The Art of Olga Suvorova from Amazon.

“Both exuberant and philosophical in mood, Olga Suvorova’s richly detailed worlds depict people who are somehow familiar to us, even in their extravagant costumes. In this first-person account, accompanied by over 150 images of her colorful paintings, Suvorova describes her background, early influences, and career spanning from the 1970s to today. Mysterious cats, faithful dogs, ravishing birds, and beautiful flowers play supporting roles in her paintings. A revel of life, light, and energy, Suvorova’s regal, Renaissance-style art is universally loved because it offers a fresh take on a genre that still has wide popular appeal.”


Images from Pomegranate’s 2022 Olga Suvorova calendar have been provided by Pomegranate and are used here by FF2 Media with their permission. All Rights Reserved by Pomegranate.


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