Female Filmmakers Dominate Sundance in 2021

Sundance Film Festival, which will take place online and on satellite screenings in select locations across the US, has announced the films it will feature in this year’s festival. This is going to be a good year for female filmmakers: across the full slate of films featured at Sundance this year, 50% (69 out of 139) were directed by one or more women (The full list of films that will be featured can be found here), and 50% of filmmakers across the slate are also people of color. These numbers reflect actual equity amongst filmmakers (at least independent ones), so this is a huge and very exciting step forward. Of course, the incredible diversity of this year’s slate is thanks to the hard work of Sundance’s new Festival Director, Tabitha Jackson, who is the first woman, first person of color and the first non-U.S. born person to take on this role.

Some buzz-worthy films that will be featured at the festival are Coda, written and directed by Siân Heder, Passing, written and directed by Rebecca Hall, and Mayday, written and directed by Karen Cinorre. Beyond those, the slate will feature new films by many notable directors like Miranda July, Dee Rees, Sara Colangelo, Amy Ziering, and Julie Taymor, and more.

We are thrilled to see so much progress being made and look forward to this next chapter of Sundance, lead by Tabitha Jackson, and what it will bring for female filmmakers everywhere.

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Photo: Travis Wise (CC BY 2.0)

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