Looking for stuff to do while you’re at home? Never fear! SWAN Day has gone virtual for 2020. Our FF2 team has gathered recommendations of films celebrating women artists across many categories. And of course, the films are made by women, too! Watch and read at your leisure, or collect all of them to have a marathon on the official SWAN Day weekend of March 28.

Yarn, Featuring Four Fiber Artists

Yarn (directed by Una Lorenzen and Þórdur Bragi Jónsson and written by Krishan Arora) is a 2016 documentary featuring four women fiber artists from across the world. Whether their pieces end up in museums or wrapped around local telephone poles, Yarn demonstrates the wide breadth of fiber arts. The film follows these four women and demonstrates the various communities they have created around their work. From giant playscapes to full-body suits to circuses, Yarn provides an intimate portrait of an art that anyone can partake in.

Yarn also explores the idea that fiber arts are often considered “crafts” rather than “art” in many Art-World circles. Yarn dismantles this assumption and proves that fiber arts are art just like painting, singing, and filmmaking. These women prove that they pour just as much passion, creativity, and time into their work as anyone else that considers themselves an artist. As an enthusiastic novice cross-stitcher, Yarn inspires me to keep stitching and opens the door to so many new possibilities for fiber art. 

I’ve seen Yarn three times now, and I fall back on it when I need a wholesome and inspiring watch. It’s still so amazing to me that single threads can be woven in so many different ways to create such a variety of outcomes. If you’ve ever wondered what yarn can become and are looking for a beautiful trip around the world, check out Yarn

Yarn is available on Amazon for streaming.

Click here to read Georgiana’s review of Yarn: https://ff2media.azurewebsites.net/thehotpinkpen/2016/06/22/garn/

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