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Charlie's Angels
Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott star in Charlie’s Angels.

FF2 Media’s new “Watch at Home” columns list the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers that are newly available each week on DVD, Video On Demand &/or streaming services.

Here are the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers now available at home as of 3/13/2020 (with links to FF2 Media reviews posted the week of their theatrical release):

  • Charlie’s Angels – Elizabeth Banks (writer-director)
  • The Dog Doc – Cindy Meehl (director)
  • Lost Girls – Liz Garbus (director) (Netflix)
  • Lost Transmissions – Katharine O’Brien (writer-director)
  • The Postcard Killings -Liza Marklund (co-writer)
  • Ride Like A Girl – Rachel Griffiths (director), Elise McCredie (co-writer)
  • Spies in Disguise – Cindy Davis (screen story by)
  • Stargirl – Julia Hart (director/co-writer), Kristin Hahn (co-writer) (Disney+)
  • Transference – Jennifer Lloyd (co-writer)


Charlie’s Angels takes the Townsend Agency international in this very fast-paced action-comedy written and directed by Elizabeth Banks.

After 40 years working with the Angels, John Bosley (Patrick Stewart) is retiring.  Under his leadership, the Angels have gone global.  There’s not just one team based out of California.  Instead, there are a several teams of Angels across the globe.  The film chooses to focus on Sabina Wilson (Kristen Stewart) and Jane Kano (Ella Balinska).  One year after an incident in Rio, the two are working for a client in Hamburg.  Little do they know that they’ll soon be recruiting Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott) into the Angels program with Calisto having the potential to be weaponized.  With Bosley retired, Boz (Elizabeth Banks) takes over.  It turns out that Bosley has come to symbolize a title within the Angels.

Banks’ script is one that contains no shortage of pop culture references.  Whether its The Fast and The Furious movies or a debate over Batman, there’s something for everyone.  Poor Ben Affleck!  My personal favorite is a line recited by Banks herself: “There are film buffs of all ages.”  Are you listening, Film Twitter?!?

The film continues the tradition that started in 2000 with a comical approach rather than a straight-out drama.  It’s for the best, of course.  The comedy especially works because of Kristen Stewart.  Sure, anyone else could have likely taken on the role but when Kristen Stewart is on the screen, there’s no telling what’s going to come out of her mouth.  This adds onto the collection of solid work that Stewart has done post-Twilight.  While Naomi and Ella deliver solid work in their own right, Kristen Stewart is the film’s MVP.

Charlie’s Angels works because Elizabeth Banks brings a fresh voice to the franchise and brings with her some of the Pitch Perfect magic.

Click HERE for my full review.

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