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Frozen 2
Frozen 2. Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

FF2 Media’s new “Watch at Home” columns list the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers that are newly available each week on DVD, Video On Demand &/or streaming services.

Here are the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers now available at home as of 2/28/2020 (with links to FF2 Media reviews posted the week of their theatrical release):

  • All the Bright Places – Liz Hannah and Jennifer Niven (co-writers) (Netflix)
  • Color Out of Space – Scarlett Amaris (co-writer)
  • Frozen 2 – Jennifer Lee (co-director/writer)


Frozen 2 takes us into the unknown while continuing the adventure and diving into the history of Arrendale and why Elsa has magical powers.

Following the cold open, the film cuts to present day where Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) is hearing things.  We eventually learn that it’s the spirits calling her.  Strange things begin to happen when Air, Fire, Water, and Earth force the citizens of Arrendale to evacuate their kingdom.  One thing leads to another and soon enough, Elsa, Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven make the trek towards the Enchanted Forest.  This isn’t the same Enchanted Forest that we saw in Once Upon A Time.  It’s completely different.  In any event, some of the people that they find perfectly complement our favorite people from Arrendale.

We can only hope that Elsa has what it takes as she ventures into the unknown.  There is no telling what is going to happen.  One thing is for sure–Anna won’t leave her side and for good reason.  The two are sisters and they have a strong bond with each other.  This film–more or less–is about seeking the truth and doing what is right.

Musically speaking, there are at least three songs composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez that are sure to catch on with viewers.  Elsa gets another killer number with “Into The Unknown.”  Is it a new “Let It Go?” This is hard to say.  The song features a similar animation style.  Queen Iduna, who has an expanded role, features on “All is Lost.”  Finally, Kristoff gets a solo tune with “Lost in the Woods.”  Much to our delight, he gets some backing from the reindeer for this tune.  I stress these three numbers because they’re the ones that are also featured in the end credits.  Anyway, the soundtrack is just as fun as the first Frozen in 2013.  All in all, there are seven new songs.

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