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This week’s selection is A Dog’s JourneyA Dog’s Journey is an emotional rerun of predecessor A Dog’s Purpose so please prepare yourselves accordingly with the right amount of Kleenex.

A lot has changed since we last saw Bailey reunited with Ethan (Dennis Quaid) in A Dog’s Purpose.  Ethan and Hannah (Marg Helgenberger) now have a granddaughter, Clarity June or CJ (Kathryn Prescott as an young woman).  Hannah’s son, Henry, died in a car accident when Gloria (Betty Gilpin) was 8 months pregnant with CJ.  The insurance money is set to go to CJ when she turns 18.  Anyway, Gloria isn’t the best mother in the world and thinks that Ethan and Hannah are against her.

Josh Gad is as solid as ever while reuniting with former 1600 Penn director Gail Mancuso.  He has a way of bringing emotions to dogs much in the way he brings life to a snowman.  You’ll laugh and cry.  I can say the same thing about the entire film.  It’s not an understatement to say that my emotions were running wild, especially during the third act.

Gail Mancuso has a sharp command behind the camera.  There’s just enough laughs here to offset the sentimental moments.  It’s nothing that Mancusco hasn’t worked with before.  She’s very much the right person for the film.  Even with differing points of views, the tone needs to be just right.  Because CJ is the main character, this film is more female-centric.  But if you’re a dog lover, it will be appealing no matter what gender you are.

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