Vice President and Managing Editor Brigid K. Presecky

As Vice President and Managing Editor of FF2 Media, I oversee all published content across our online media company. By writing and editing reviews of films by female filmmakers, I serve as a liaison between our all-female staff of film critics and our worldwide audience.

My journey with FF2 Media began in 2008, as I was accepted into Goodman Theatre’s Cindy Bandle Young Critics, a program specifically designed to immerse young women into the world of theater and journalism. It was there that I met FF2 Media Founder Jan Lisa Huttner, my assigned mentor who offered a film criticism internship in the fall of 2008.

After receiving the Presidential Scholarship to Dominican University, which I attended for my first two years, I transferred to Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois to participate in their highly regarded Hollywood semester program. 

Trading in the snow for the sunshine was the highlight of my college experience. As a Warner Bros. intern, I sat in the Stars Hollow gazebo, found the remnants of County General hospital and relived the West Wing walk-and-talks on Stage 29. 

Throughout four years of college, my presence at FF2 Media remained steady as I served as a part-time Multimedia Editor, writing film reviews, assisting in lectures and developing the growing website. I was hired as full-time Associate Editor after receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, in May 2014.

Living in Chicago and Los Angeles throughout the last four years has allowed for an internship with Berlanti Productions (located at Warner Bros.) as well as production assistant positions for CBS Studios and Mesquite Productions. With each experience came an increasing appreciation for FF2 Media and the significant role it’s played in my life.

Now serving as Managing Editor, I have witnessed the company’s growth – as well as my own – over the last 10 years. It is a privilege to edit and oversee the daily contributions from our diverse writers. I am proud to be a part of the journey from a small team in Chicago to worldwide representation.

As I grow and move and change, FF2 Media remains a guiding light for me and for many. In turn, I hope to have enlightened our readers and encouraged them to support female artists in their endeavors to write and direct films.

Posts include ‘Feminism is funny: Writing team inspires a generation with female-led comedies‘Robin Schiff’s ‘Romy and Michele’ marks platinum anniversary‘,‘A Walk to Remember’ screenwriter reflects on adaptation, Hollywood’s gender bias’, as well as film reviews of Their FinestTo the Bone.

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Top/Featured Photo: Headshot (2018)

Bottom Photo: Brigid visits Avalon, Catalina Island (2016)

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Brigid Presecky began her career in journalism at Chicago's Goodman Theatre. In 2008, she joined FF2 Media as a part-time film critic and multimedia editor. Receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Bradley University, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in development, production and publicity for Berlanti Productions, Entertainment Tonight and Warner Bros. Studios, respectively. Returning to her journalistic roots in Chicago, she is now a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and certified Rotten Tomatoes Film Critic.
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