All-female team behind ‘Fever and the Fret’ gets creative with limitations

Writer-director Cath Gulick is set for the world premiere debut of her narrative film The Fever and the Fret starring Ivory Aquino and Adelina Amosco. The film follows a shy, artistic 14-year-old Eleanor (Adelina Amosco) who is tormented at school because of the large birthmarks on her face. Although her teacher encourages her to ignore the bullies, Eleanor runs away and dreams of a complex new world where she is accepted.

“Life sucks,” is the theme of Fret, Gulick told FF2 Media. “Don’t get mad, get certified as mentally incompetent for your trial.” Gulick serves as not only writer and director but also producer, cinematographer and editor on the all-female produced feature. “I chose the best people for the jobs, and they happened to be women,” she said. In addition to the progressive behind-the-scenes team, Fret purposely implements inclusive casting. “Inclusive casting better reflects the world we actually live in. It’s stronger, deeper storytelling, and you’ll have recourse to a greater number of talented artists.” 

Thinking she could not afford to make the “dark, magical movie” she wanted to see in a theater, Gulick was inspired by Tony Stone’s Severed Ways and realized her dream of making a low-budget indie film was possible. When asked how she would advise young filmmakers on how to make their own film on a small budget, Gulick said it depends personality. “Some people are gifted fundraisers. If you’re not, you can accept that and get creative with your limitations. Some of the most iconic creative choices in film were the result of working around a budget restriction… Look at how Monty Python responded to not being able to afford horses for The Holy Grail.

The Fever and the Fret is playing March 23 at 8:15 at Museum of the Moving Image – Redstone as part of the “Up Close and Personal” block for the Queens World Film Festival. For the trailer, tickets and more information go to

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Photo: Ivory Aquino in The Fever and the Fret

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