Ruth Prawer Jhabvala story Heat & Dust newly re-released in 4G

In 1983, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Booker-prize winning novel Heat and Dust was released in theatres for its first run, and in 1984, BAFTA rewarded her with a Best Adapted Screenplay award. But even many film buffs will not recognize her name.  Ruth Prawer Who???

Although she was the genius who wrote most of screenplays for their their award winning films, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s name has been submerged under the moniker “Merchant Ivory Productions.” This must stop!

I surely do not mean to deny the importance of either James Ivory as a director or Ismail Merchant as a producer. They were a splendid pair (both personally and professionally) and the proof is onscreen for all to see, but they did not do it alone. They were, in fact, a trio–James Ivory, Ismail Merchant. and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala–and in a just world, I wouldn’t have to keep saying this again and again.

Jan Lisa Huttner (9/7/17) FF2 Media

From Alec Pike at IndieWire:

Merchant Ivory Films’ Sumptuous Re-Release Gets A Star-Filled New Trailer

Classic film lovers rejoice. Charles S. Cohen, owner, chairman and CEO of Cohen Media Group has begun re-releasing 30 films by the legendary Merchant Ivory Productions. The remastered library includes 21 feature films and 9 shorts and documentaries.

Merchant Ivory Productions was founded in 1961 by producer Ismail Merchant and director James Ivory — together, they produced 44 films. Founder and Oscar-nominated director James Ivory has collaborated with Cohen, and serves as creative director, on the restoration, re-release and promotion of each of the 30 films. Some of the titles set be released include the already-available “Howards End,” “Maurice,” “Shakespeare Wallah” and “Heat and Dust.”

Read More: ‘Howards End’: Emma Thompson and James Ivory Reveal 5 Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From The Classic

Of the re-release plans, Cohen said, “Merchant Ivory has been a peak on the twentieth century cinematic landscape, and we are honored to have James Ivory on our team working on the restoration and re-release of these magnificent films. »

– Alec Pike

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Featured Image: Olivia Rivers (Greta Scacchi) prefers dreams to realities as the bride of a colonial officer (played by Christopher Cazenove) in British India.

Top Photo: Decades later, Olivia’s great-niece Anne (Julie Christie) tries to solve the mystery of Olivia’s fate.

Bottom Photo: Olivia’s friend Harry Hamilton-Paul (Nicholas Grace) is the intermediary between two worlds.

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