AMPAS adds women directors, sets record number of new members

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 774 new members, including an increased number of women and minorities. Despite its effort to boost diversity in each of its seven branches, the invited directors remain predominantly male.

Of the 64 directors invited this year, 17 (roughly 27 percent) are women, a decrease from last year’s invitees (54 percent women). This year’s list includes Sharon Maguire (Bridget Jones’s Diary), Susanna White (Nanny McPhee Returns), Aida Begic (Snow), Christine Jeffs (Sunshine Cleaning) and Patricia Cardoso (Real Women Have Curves).

Academy membership requires directors to have helmed at least two film credits and have “demonstrated exceptional achievement in the field of theatrical motion pictures.” FF2 Media continues to highlight the work of female directors, providing insight into their incredible feats, their connection with audiences and their mission to shatter the glass ceiling.

List of 17 women directors invited to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

Aida Begić *

Children of Sarajevo


Patricia Cardoso

Real Women Have Curves

The Water Carrier

Nana Dzhordzhadze

27 Missing Kisses

A Chef in Love

Ildikó Enyedi *

Simon Magus

My Twentieth Century

Safi Faye *


Lettre Paysanne

Jessica Hausner

Amour Fou


Joanna Hogg



Ann Hui

A Simple Life

Summer Snow

Christine Jeffs

Sunshine Cleaning


Sharon Maguire


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Márta Mészáros *

Diary for My Children


Jocelyn Moorhouse

The Dressmaker


Kira Muratova

The Tuner

The Asthenic Syndrome

Cate Shortland



Athina Rachel Tsangari



Paula van der Oest

Black Butterflies

Zus & Zo

Susanna White

Our Kind of Traitor

Nanny McPhee Returns


(* invited to join the Academy by multiple branches)

© Brigid K. Presecky (6/28/17) FF2 Media

Top Photo: Susannah White

Featured Photo: Safi Faye, Aida Begić, Susannah White

Photo Credits: Discover African Cinema, Alchetron, Graphic courtesy of AMPAS

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