Contributing Editor Amelie Lasker

As an intern, I have been contributing weekly reviews to FF2’s site The Hot Pink Pen since early 2016. I love being able to support female artists in such a consistent way, and it’s an endless treat to get to watch and write about movies for my job. Now I’m thrilled to be taking on the role of Contributing Editor!

I recently graduated from Columbia University, where I studied English and history. While at Columbia, I’ve written plays and had readings for Columbia’s student-written theatre company Nomads, edited the blog for Columbia’s film journal Double Exposure, and worked on film crews and participated in workshops at Columbia University Film Productions. I spent junior year abroad at Cambridge University, where I got to experience their strange and special tutorial system and Cambridge’s many opportunities for student playwrights to see their work produced. I had more than a few chances to explore the UK, too.

Some favorite reviews for The Hot Pink Pen are Sweet BeanThe Little PrinceL’Attesa, I Don’t Belong Anywhereand two films with a focus on poet Elizabeth Bishop.

© Amelie Lasker (5/24/2018) FF2 Media

Featured Photo: In Cambridge, summer 2017.

Bottom Photo: Celebrating graduation, spring 2018.

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Amelie Lasker joined FF2 Media in early 2016 while studying English and history at Columbia University. She received her Master's in English Literature at the University of Cambridge in 2019 and became a Contributing Editor at FF2. Her work with FF2 has earned her Rotten Tomatoes accreditation. Now, she is FF2's Brand Coordinator, developing iSWANs campaigns. Amelie is an artist herself; she is a produced playwright and fiction writer.
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