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Tracy is a recent graduate of Columbia University, with BAs in both English and Film & Media Studies, obtaining honors in the film department. She also spent one summer at USC Cinematic Arts studying film production. She served as a marketing representative for Universal Pictures for the past three years, and served as an intern with FF2 Media — primarily as a critic — prior to graduation.

Two years ago, her friend, Amelie Lasker kindly invited her to SWAN Day, and watched BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez, which became her first review. And the rest, as what we say, is history. It is always with a sense of curiosity and responsibility that she goes along with fellow female writers to go explore movies every Friday. Though most female filmmakers are confined within low-budget indie movies, she is always impressed by the range of content and ways of expressions in their works.

In fact, she herself is an aspiring filmmaker. She comes from Wuxi, a small city in China next to Shanghai, where she had gone to six years of schooling before college. Her mother has encouraged her to tell stories from a very young age. To that, she is grateful; though much shock was given, when she told her mother that she is to pursue narratives as a living. She has so far written, directed, and produced the following short films: Breathe, Bella, ROMaNCE, A Touch of Passion, and Descartes, and directed and produced a stage play: Candy Hymns, written by the same friend who has introduced her to FF2 Media.

Right now, she is enrolled to the directing program at American Film Institute, which has a wonderful track record of fostering female filmmakers. Whether her work will one day be featured here at this website is sincerely wished by the above mentioned former intern 😉

Posts include film reviews of: Our Time Will Come, 13 Minutes, Tomorrow and Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan.


Top Photo: Tracy Shen graduates from Columbia University (5/16/17)

Bottom Photo: Tracy with Jan Lisa Huttner & Kimi Kumar at DBGB off Houston right before a screening of My Life as a Zucchini at the nearby Landmark Sunshine. Photo Credit: Eti Or (2/25/17)


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