Michael Moore in Trumpland (2016)


In his new film Michael Moore in Trumpland the cinematic gadfly asks himself a really important question: “Since Hillary Clinton has always supported MY work, why have I done so little (so far) to support HER as a Presidential candidate?” Great Question, MM!!!

The film ends with an exhilarating imagining of all the genuinely Progressive things a President Hillary Clinton will if she wins on 11/8/16.

Astonishing piece of guerilla filmmaking (part exhortation part mea culpa) from a great American gadfly.

Bravo, Michael Moore! Here’s hoping!!! (JLH: 5/5)

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Afterthoughts by FF2 Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner

Question One: Have I really seen all of MM’s prior docs, or is that just hubris on my part?

I walk out of Michael Moore in Trumpland, and this is the first thing I ask myself. The answer is important to me because I feel like I’ve just seen something fundamentally different even though so much of it is familiar. The answer is yes. Yes, I have seen all of the documentary films Michael Moore has released in theatres from Roger & Me in 1989 right up to Where to Invade Next in 2015. (I specify “documentaries” because I never saw his feature film Canadian Bacon, nor have I seen much of work he did specifically for television). But my creds are good. I have seen all of MM’s docs and just like HRC, I have supported them all too.


Top Photo: Michael Moore faces a skeptical crowd in Clinton, Ohio.

Bottom Photo: Moore makes his appeal to the crowd on a set dressed with cozy furniture, surrounded by huge photos of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a young, idealistic Baby Boomer.

Photo Credits:


Me with Michael Moore after afternoon screening at IFC Center in Manhattan. Photo Credit: Richard Bayard Miller (10/22/16)

After Richard took this photo of us, I gave MM several Hillary’s Auxiliary buttons, and asked him to help spread the word: “There IS ‘enthusiasm’ for HRC! There is TONS of ‘enthusiasm’ for HRC!! Please tell the MSM that you, Michael Moore, have seen ‘enthusiasm’ for HRC up close & personal!!!” 

After that, several other people in the crowd who were watching me with Moore came up to me to ask for Hillary’s Auxiliary buttons. Since I had a bag full with me, I was more than happy to pass them out 🙂

Huge thanks to my hubby, Richard Bayard Miller, for helping me spread the word. Here he is on 34th Street, proving my point that this 2016 campaign is generating a whole lot of 1968 Flashback moments.. Did I buy this skirt? No. But I was sure tempted. Look at how well it matches the design of my Hillary’s Auxiliary logo… Uncanny!!!

FINAL NOTE: All of my Hillary’s Auxiliary stuff on Cafe Press (buttons, caps, t-shirts, tote bags, etc) is priced at cost. I do not make a dime from any of this. I am doing this for the cause = to prove there IS plenty of enthusiasm for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The MSM just needs to open its eyes, and they will see US everywhere 🙂

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