Pulchronomics 2016

Booted from FOX : Roger Ailes Finally Gets his Just Desserts

Special For FF2 Media By Stephanie Taylor

A few years back I wrote a 3-part series for FF2 Media called Pulchronomics 101 in which I showed how physical beauty affects women in the workplace — often determining their success or at least making the road a little easier — using movies and cable news stations as my examples.

In the part called “Media Babes,” I ranked the three of the big cable (CNN, FOX, & MSNBC) comparing their rating based on how attractive the female anchors were.


Fast Forward to July 2016: Roger Ailes — now the former chairman and CEO of FOX News — has been accused of sexual harassment by ex-anchor, Gretchen Carlson. As soon as Carlson opened the door, other women immediately started coming forward with their own accusations, providing stories of their own incidents of Ailes’s exual harassment. Some allegations go back as far as the 1960s…

Looks like someone thought he was more self-entitled than he had any right to be.  And as you can imagine, Ailes is denying any wrongdoing, and in the USa people are innocent until proving guilty, but we’ve seen this show before (mostly recently in the Bill Cosby case).

The bigger they are the harder they fall. So… there’s another “legendary” career down the drain.

The fall of Roger Ailes: He made Fox his ‘locker room’ — and now women are telling their stories


Click HERE to read more details in the Washington Post.


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