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PrintWhen Jan Lisa Huttner and Richard Bayard Miller created their first website “Films for Two” in 1999, the acronym FF2 simply stood for “the online guide for busy couples.”

Skip ahead 16 years, and their online presence has expanded to the fully multi-dimensional FF2 Media.

Our new-and-improved logo signifies what we stand for: feminist energy breaking through patriarchal boundaries, harnessing the power of art on behalf of all humanity.

  • One Star: The star in the center symbolizes the faith of founders Huttner and Miller as well as their commitment to Tikkun Olam. Although many members of the FF2 Media team are not Jewish, all FF2 Media team members believe that human creativity and the power of art can help to “repair the world.”
  • Two Lines: The double lines represent our belief that people are better together when we engage in dialogue and share our ideas with one another.
  • Three Colors: The pink arrows represent the women—supported by men of conscience—who are determined to break through the constraints of the blue patriarchy. The purple font that spells out our name signifies our shared humanity, and our hope for a world in which women and men live as full equals.

FF2 Media’s Publisher (Miller) and Managing Editor (Huttner) are continuing to move forward with a new generation of authors and designers. We are reaching out to new artists and new audiences while we continue to serve the readers who have supported our mission for more than a decade.

Our new logo is the beginning of the next chapter 🙂

© Jan Lisa Huttner/Brigid K. Presecky FF2 Media (2/8/16)



Logo Credits: The new FF2 Media logo was designed by Ray Marrero (The Serif). All of the initial work was done by BDBOSS from Fiverr (based on Jan’s preliminary sketches). Karen Wegehenkel (Helios Designs) also contributed to the design effort.

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