HashtagMOGLast year, when Selma was nominated for Best Picture & Best Song but nothing else, 2 hashtag campaigns were born.

One was ‪#‎OscarSoWhite‬ (protesting the fact that David Oyelowo was not nominated for Best Actor & all of the acting nominees in all 4 categories were white).

One was ‪#‎StopBlueOscar‬ (protesting the fact that Ava DuVernay was not nominated for Best Director & all of the Best Director nominees & all of the Best Screenplay nominees–in both the Best Original Screenplay & the Best Adapted Screenplay categories–were male).

This year FF2 Media has merged the two campaigns into one: ‪#‎MakeOscarGold‬!

Since Blue Oscars and White Oscars are not Gold, we are calling on AMPAS to make Oscar gold = truly merit-based.

This is not a Black/White issue. This is a global issue. If Oscar wants to be “gold” = merit-based, then everyone should have an equal chance of success. But right now, the statistical bias against anyone who is not a while male is extreme. This must stop.

Support us #MakeOscarGold!

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