Plan Now for SWAN Day on 3/28/09!

Download PLAN ‘09 NOW flyer as a pdf.

     The election is over & it’s time to begin planning for the next International SWAN Day scheduled for March 28, 2009.  (International SWAN Day is always celebrated on the last Saturday of every March = Women’s History Month.)  Have YOU made plans for 3/28/09 yet?  If not, get busy J

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Jan Lisa Huttner is a Brooklyn-based arts critic & feminist activist. She is the creative force behind the SWAN Movement—Support Women Artists Now—which has just begun its third phase as International SWANs® (aka iSWANs). In the Jewish world, Jan is best known as the author of two books on Fiddler on the Roof—Tevye’s Daughters and Diamond Fiddler—both of which flow from a strongly feminist POV. She also served as both story consultant and “talking head” on the award-winning documentary Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles.
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